Portfolio of Work

This great old Firewagon Truck wheel is from the late 1800's. I cleaned it up and coated it with Polyeurethane to seal the wood and protect the original firehose wrapping the outside of the wheel. I also reclaimed a 5/8 beveled glass top to place on it. This piece is unique and very cool. I have never seen another wheel like this.

Farm table built from 100 year old wood. Legs were made from old oak beams that still had the tool marks on them. The top was constructed using 100 year old silo wood. The wood is riddled with worm holes and lines to give it great character. This table was built to seat up to 10 people at once.

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When I renovated my own bathroom in our converted barn my wife said she wanted a vanity with some character. We looked at something new but then decided I should just build one. So I made this bathroom vanity to fit our specific need and size. I can do this for your house too. I used all reclaimed wood on this piece.

This center island was constructed using an old workbench from a friends house. The bench was built very solid out of fir wood and bolted together for strength. I used the old Douglas Fir bench top as the island top as well. Sanded and urethaned. I trimmed out the edges with a Mahogany trim for strength and beauty.