Saratoga Table Works, LLC  We Reclaim The Past for Future Generations

​153 Goode Street
​Burnt Hills, New York 12027​


Quality, Attention to Detail, Classic Designs

Saratoga Table Works is a small company based out of Burnt Hills, New York. I am focused on building quality and distinctive pieces of furniture that are not only functional, but pieces of art. The shop is housed right in the converted barn that my wife, Darlene, and I own and live along with our son. There have been many occassions where Darlene and Evan will help me gather vintage materials for future projects.​

Reclaimed Materials

I take reclaimed woods that I get from old barns, old silos, or other vintage buildings and give them new life in furniture. I also on occasion will take a seasoned tree of hardwood that might otherwise not be used and I will slab off lumber or planking wood to be used in projects. I see the beauty in old seasoned woods and look to give the new life again. I will also use reclaimed metals to give a project a distinctive look that sets it apart from others. Just like a piece of art.

Every Piece Special and Some are Totally Unique

Because I am building each piece by hand you can be assured that extra care and attention goes into every project. Also, there are occassions where I will repurpose a work table, cabinet, table frames, etc... into a new piece of furniture that is totally unique because of the limited materials I had to work with. That can be a real special piece when it is reclaimed, designed, and crafted from only a finite amount of materials.​

Saratoga Table Works guarantees:

  • Quality products
  • Unique design and styling
  • Some reclaimed materials in every project
  • A product you will be proud to own

Every piece of furniture built has some reclaimed materials.